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Jessica Drago Yoga Health Coac

Healers, Wellness Professionals & Yoga students,

If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried to grow, to get healthy and thrive in your circumstance, which (probably) is a stressful one.


It just hasn't stuck. 


If this sounds like you, you're on this site for a reason!

You are able to change for good. The opportunity is here.

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 for Entrepreneurs: 

From Overwhelm to Resilience in Your Life & Business

You've heard of "fake it till you make it," but have you tried "practice till you become it"?

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You do not need to stress your way  through life. You have permission to thrive!

Let's see how with a free wellness assessment.



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Jessica Drago Moscow Co-op COffee

This is me

• Yoga Health Coach

• ERYT 200 Yoga Instructor 

• Ayurvedic Alignment Specialist

• Mother

• Partner

• Friend

I'm on a mission to create a supportive community for leaders to strive for excellence and resilience.

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Renee Valle

Entrepreneur, Yoga instructor

"I needed help.

"I was waking up, going straight to the espresso machine, stressing through work hours, watching shows til 8pm and then stress eating after them! I didn't know what my body needed to get out of the pit.

"Don't get me wrong, I eat a plant-based diet, have a home yoga practice, work out and have a spiritual life, but I was still running to familiar narratives.


"As an enneagram 9, I was being passive/retreating when I needed to reach out! Jessica gave me permission to assert myself, flourish as a being and have integrity in ways I never thought were possible for me 😭 (life changer).


"Now I have a thriving narrative and I'm so glad she is a part of it. I cannot recommend her enough."


Rachel Lassa

Medical Assistant, Student

"The Wellness Adventure Course has been the most life changing investment I have ever made.


"Through this course, Jessica and the WAC community have help equip me with the tools to heal several years worth of severe digestive health issues and outdated mindsets.


"Jessica's one on one coaching has helped me zero in on personalized tips and support to navigate seasonal changes.


"The environment in her yoga classes, Wellness Adventure Course and one on one talks is wholly safe, comfortable, and honest. 


"Jessica is both exceptionally professional and personable. I highly recommend making time in your schedule to take her courses which are both extraordinarily grounding and uplifting."


Colleen Sullivan

Entrepreneur, Writer

"I have always enjoyed the insights and targeted movements Jessica brings into her yoga classes. So when she invited me to join her yoga health coaching program rooted in ayurvedic principles I was immediately interested.


"I knew a little about Ayruveda and struggled with balancing my dosha (energy) in the past. I liked the level of commitment and community structure to hold me accountable to my 'Yes.'


"Since joining Jessica's Wellness Adventure Course (WAC) I feel like I've been given the secret formula to success. Success for me, is feeling radiant, supported, and acting in alignment with my interests.


"I'm still blown away. I marvel at how quickly WAC habits impact my mental, emotional and physical well being.


This turns the dial from practicing-yoga-to-take-care-of-myself up 50 notches to super-human-who-loves-themselves-deeply. I wish more people knew of this. Or talked about it.


"Now, in my 30s, I see how much of my life could have been shaped differently with these principles instilled early on.


"I'm grateful a small curiosity inspired me to sign up. It's far more than I can verbally express. And I'm still in the beginning phase of deeply understanding the ripple effects WAC is making within and without."


Thrive • Conscious Leadership • Transparency • Resilience • Alignment • Digestion

Playfulness • Simplicity • Rhythm • Philanthropy • Community • Nature

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